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Pug puppies of OHIO

Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee/Spay & Neuter Contract




Thank you for deciding to purchase one of our puppies to become a part of your family.

This contract is written for the protection of both breeder and buyer- However, it is primarily written to protect the health and general well-being of the puppy.

Please be certain that you are ready for the time commitment and financial Responsibility of a puppy prior to putting a deposit on one.



  1. Please read the health guarantee completely before putting a deposit on a puppy. By putting a deposit on a puppy, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within this contract.


  1. We require a  NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold the puppy you pick out.              


Date of deposit ___________ Amount of Deposit ______________


                                                                                                                    Balance Due______________



  1. The puppy is guaranteed to be good in health and 8 weeks old at the time of sale/pick up.


  1. The puppy will be up to date on shots and worming at the time of pick-up of the puppy. It is very important that you continue the vaccinations and worming. Please do not expose your puppy to other dogs that are not vaccinated until he/she has completed the entire vaccination schedule.


  1. The puppy will have been vet checked and deemed in good health at the time of sale.


  1. The buyer, at their own expense should have the puppy examined by a Licensed Vet within 72 hours of receiving the puppy. The breeder assumes no responsibility for and medical expenses incurred after the sale.




  1. Documentation must be sent to the breeder within ten days in order for the Health Guarantee to be honored. Please send it to one of the following





  1. If within 72 hours, a Licensed Vet finds the puppy to be unhealthy or unfit for sale, the puppy may be returned for a full refund- provided the puppy has not been injured or neglected. The veterinarian must provide a written statement deeming the puppy “unhealthy for purchase”


If a licensed veterinarian diagnoses the puppy with a life threatening genetic defect, we will replace the puppy, NO REFUNDS, provided the puppy has not been injured or neglected..


This guarantee is limited to the dogs one year old Birthdate. A clearly written and signed letter from the examining veterinarian describing the puppy’s condition is required. Any and all expenses will be paid for by the owner of the puppy.



  1. This guarantee does not cover any health issues caused by neglect or injury from the buyer or does not include minor illnesses and health issues such as colds, allergies, internal or external parasites, coccidiosis, giardia, kennel cough, parvo, retained testicles, grade 1 or 2 heart murmurs, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) umbilical hernias, training difficulties or behavior problems. Breeder is not responsible for refund or vet bills if  pugs have any eye or ear defects. The possible eye defects are varied color of the iris, a small eye (micropthalmia), pupil that is off-center (corectopia), cataracts, blindness.


  1. The breeder does not guarantee fertility or ability to place in shows. The puppy is strictly sold as a TOP QUALITY PET. We do not guarantee size, life span, deposition ,color or DNA.


  1. The breeder is not responsible for the puppies which develop Hypoglycemia after the puppy is in the new owners possession. Signs of Hypoglycemia are weight loss, weakness and crying a lot. Please call your vet immediately.


  1. Pet ownership is a serious commitment. We would gladly take back any of our puppies at anytime for any reason with no questions asked. However, I will NOT be refunding adoption fees or any other than serious health issues of the puppy. Health issues must be documented by your vet with all test preformed. Please carefully consider your decision to adopt and your ability to care for and raise a puppy in a loving home.


                                                 Pug puppies of OHIO

Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee/Spay & Neuter Contract


I understand and agree to spay/neuter puppy by the time he/she reaches 6 months of age.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is a puppy to be used for breeding unless arranged and or agreed upon with    the BREEDER.

 The buyer also affirms that their purchase is for “PET HOME” only and not for breeding.

 I also understand if this is not completed I Amanda Downs have rights to remove puppy for failure to fulfill this      contract.

I understand and agree to pay the breeder (Amanda Downs) and additional 1000.00 above the purchase price and 1000.00 per puppy that is sold from the whelping.

The general health and genetic guarantee becomes void if spay/neuter contract is not fulfilled.


Please return a copy of your spay/neuter certificate upon completing the procedure to:

Email:  Or Address: 



I the buyer understands and agrees to all above conditions. Acceptance of puppy is acceptance

of this agreement.

Breeders Signature:________________________________________  Date:____________

New Owner’s Name Print:___________________________________  Date:____________

New Owner’s Signature:______________________________________________________


Phone # ____________________________             Email_____________________________

Date of Sale _________________________Date contract expires__________________



Taking Your New Puppy Home

Thank you for allowing our puppy to become a part of your family. 
Your puppy may become sick during the first few car rides, try to avoid feedings before hand.
After taking your puppy home, if you see any sign of stress or hypoglycemia (not eating, weight loss, weak, crying a lot) please call your vet immediately , keep clear Karo syrup on hand and put a little on the puppies tongue if you see these signs as a new home can be stressful for a puppy.
Your puppy’s immune system is not fully developed until about 12 weeks old, it is crucial to keep up with your puppy shots and keep them away from other dogs until then.                    
We ask you take your puppy to the vet within 72 hours of taking your puppy home.

Give your puppy about an hour to settle down once you get them home, keeping a calm environment as first as you introduce them to their new environment inside and outside.
Pay attention to your puppies body language, if they seem nervous lower the excitement level a little.
Your puppy depends on you now and you will become the center of his/her world, they will stay close to you.
Puppies are curious at this age, they have a short attention span and will investigate with their mouth by chewing things so pay close attention to make sure they don’t get into poisonous/hazardous things, be sure to have plenty of chew toys they will help with this.
This is why we recommend crating or placing your puppy in a play pen anytime you leave and at bedtime for their safety.
Puppies need rest, keep the play times short.



“Please” do not change your puppies food, this will upset their stomach.
If changing puppy food, gradually wean them over by mixing both the brand of your choice and 4 health together during feedings.
We feed our puppies 4health with wholesome grains puppy lamb formula dry dog food , this is only sold at Tractor Supply.
Feed them 2 times a day ½ cup each feeding.


Not until 16 weeks or older does a puppy start to have some sort of control of their bladder and bowels, best to always keep a schedule with potty time. 
Always take them out 15 to 30 minutes after they eat or drink, waking up from a nap, playing roughly, coming out of there play pen or crate.
Anytime you see them start sniffing and circling around take them out immediately as this usually means they are looking for somewhere to potty.

Don’t fuss over them.
Place them in their play pen or crate and if they cry, in a calm voice say “no, bedtime”
If crying continues close the door, never let them out or their crying behavior at night with continue. 
At anytime you have any questions, no matter how “silly” you may think they are, please call or text us anytime of the day or night. We will be happy to answer your questions
Bonnie     Amanda: 





Toxic Smells to puppies

A dogs sense of smell is around 10,000 times better than a humans.

 The scents we find pleasing is extremely strong to your puppy to the point of making your puppy ill.

Your puppy can be overexposed to a toxic odor simply by staying in a room with the scent all day while you are gone.

They can experience difficulty breathing , drooling, runny nose, fatigue, weakness, difficulty walking or muscle tremors, pawing at their mouth or face, redness or burning on their lips, tongue, skin or gums and vomiting.

Do not have any strong fragrances or scents around your puppy in your home or car.

Examples are candles, diffusers, plug-ins, air fresheners, essential oils or plant exacts.

Marijuana is also toxic to puppies.

Strong fabric softener on their blanket.

Liquid potpourri and the sprinkles you sprinkle on your carpet to freshen them up.


 Top 10 dog toxins

If your puppy develops symptoms take them to fresh air and contact your vet immediately if they don’t improve in a short period of time.




2.Mouse and rat poisons

3. Anti-inflammatory medications

4.Xylitol (sugar free gum and more)

5.Grapes and raisins



8.Vitamin D overdose

9.Stimulant medications (e.g., for ADD/ADHD)



Pugs are a curious social breed and tend to want to lead us while on walks.

Using a harness frees your pugs neck from potential injury and allows them to breathe easier when on a leash, their flat noses and fragile trachea may cause them breathing problems.

These are the reasons why your pug should wear a harness.

Harnesses are much more secure when outside and gives your more control of your pug as they are very social animals who love people, this can cause them to want to pull you to check out the neighbor or the mail carrier ext.

Protects their fragile trachea.

Discourages pulling and choking.



Pugs sneeze, snort and snore but we love them just the same.

Heat stress and heat stroke are incredibly dangerous for pugs.

Pugs have very short muzzles and have trouble breathing, which means they also have trouble cooling themselves down when in hot temperatures.

Temperatures above 80 -85 degrees can be hazardous to your pugs health and have been known to cause heat stroke, which is potentially deadly.

Once a pugs temperature rises to over 106 degrees they can no longer cool themselves, move them to a cool area immediately and call your vet.

Signs your pug is overheating

Frantic, rapid breathing

Bright red tongue and red or pale gums

Thick or sticky saliva






Pet Poison Helpline




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